Packaging for Cochlear

Cochlear engaged Formero to develop packaging and demonstration cases for the new Nucleus 5 System

This totally new system is setting new benchmarks in Cochlear implant technology.  Comprising a new Cochlear implant, sound processor, remote assistant and associated software each of the system components were designed with numerous new and innovative features to optimise the hearing experience for recipients across a wide range of listening situations.  The system offers leading edge ergonomic attributes, as well as a more sophisticated, stylish and modular design to suit the differing needs of all age groups.

To further reinforce the innovative and stylish elements of this new system, Cochlear engaged Formero to develop the packaging and demonstration cases for this project.

The production of the various packaging solutions required the development and implementation of numerous manufacturing solutions.

"The prototyping and production capabilities of Formero meant we were able to see real improvements and progress in the . Formero worked closely with a range of stakeholders within the project and were dedicated to helping us achieve our goals of developing a new packaging solution for our customers. The collaborative partnership between the two companies ensured we were able to respond effectively to customer needs."  Kate Yonge, Senior Communications Manager - Global Marketing, Cochlear Limited

The following description of the various packaging solutions highlights the complexity of this project:

Recipient kit

The recipient kit is a large highly polished ABS box (400X400 cm) with an electroformed logo. 

The inside encompasses metal stamping reinforcement plates with rubber painted ABS liner, compression moulded silicone straps and many other injection moulded components (screws, insert moulded hinges with a stainless steel pin, latches etc.) all assembled together.


Everyday case

ABS Injection moulded case + UV hard coating. The inside encompasses TPU injection moulded liners, injection moulded Chrome plated button all assembled together.


Tier 1 Package

An assembly of an injection moulded clear lid with a with PC base and an Injection moulded TPU liners with a screen printed art

workThe project includes printed artwork that comes with up to 7 colours that offer over 20 packaging variations.




Demonstration Kit

The Nucleus® 5 Demonstration Kit is a vital communications tool that enables both physicians and audiologists to review the suite of Cochlear products. The Kit opens to reveal the Cochlear Nucleus 5 System including a range of accessories and components available to recipients. 

The Demonstration Kit is robust and comes with a presentation stand which enables the unit to be shown as a free standing display for use in clinics, at conferences and sales presentations.

Internal modules are interchangeable to allow for range growth and future proofing the design.