Mono Pumps Production project

Formero plays a critical role in the successful redesign of Mono Pumps' Sun Sub

Mono Pumps has a proven history of providing industry-leading pump ranges for over 70 years. Their "Sun Sub" Solar Pumping System is a great example of the company's commitment to engineering excellence and innovation.

In order to continue to remain at the cutting edge of the marketplace and break into competitive overseas marketplaces; Mark Dillon (of Mono Pumps) was given the challenge to manage the complete redesign of the Sun Sub System to enable it to be aggressively marketed on the world stage. The aim of the redesign was to replace many of the expensive machined stainless steel parts with highly specified composite components, to dramatically reduce the production cost.

It was crucial for the company to get the design of the composite components right. The components required tolerance bands within 0.05 mm, withstand over a ton of force, seal under high pressures and do it consistently over time throughout fatigue cycles of heat, vibration, and stress. In order to field test the new plastic components and assure their field performance, Formero was commissioned to design Prototype Tools and injection mould a limited series of the newly designed components in true production materials. Following the prototyping stage, the components designs were refined and Formero continued to design the Production Tools for the components. This was followed by a production run in Formero's China facility.


"Formero's services were critical to us meeting our ambitious project goals ahead of time and within budget. Our vision for what can be achieved in the design and manufacture of highly specified components continues to be complimented by Formero's innovative techniques in accelerated product development."

Mark Dillon, Product Development Engineer
Mono Pumps (Australia) Pty Ltd
National Oilwell Varco


The new design dramatically reduced the production cost
  Components manufactured by Formero in Engineering Polymers