Patron Power Experience

Patron Power is a Geelong based private company that manufactures and installs innovative service units providing power and portable water to boats when moored at a marina. 

 With today’s bigger and more powerful boats, Patron Power identified the need to design a sophisticated and robust product for the Australian and overseas marina markets.  The product needed to function safely when using peak electrical voltage, deliver mains pressure water and be able to withstand the extreme elements of a marine environment.

 Over a period of a few years, Patron Power perfected the overall features of the design to determine a financially feasible manufacturing product of the M-Pod Series II.

 Formero’s manufacturing services were contracted by Patron Power for the tooling and production of injection moulded parts for the M-Pod Series II.  An important part in the manufacturing process was for Formero’s experienced engineers in China to use their Design for Manufacturing (DFM) service. 

The DFM process provides the client with advice on alternative materials and design modifications to refine the manufacturability of the product.  “Communication is an integral part when manufacturing in China” says Simon Marriott, CEO Formero. 
“Having a project management and engineering team based in Melbourne and in ShenZhen, ensures overall consideration is given to minimize capital tooling expenditure and reduce overall product costs.”

Since the launch of M-Pod Series II, response has been excellent.  “The design of the M-Pod Series II is what is driving our increase in sales at present.  There is nothing like it available on the market.  We knew this when we decided to undertake the project” advised David Harris, Managing Director, Patron Power.



Patron Power's M-Pod Series II 


“Formero have been a great help to us on this project. We have had over 10 tools made and many have multiple parts to them.  The professionalism and continuity of dealing with an Australian Manufacturing Company and one of the most capable project managers I have had the pleasure to work with in Formero’s China operation.  If the China team says they will do it, you can count on it getting done and that can be a rarity in manufacturing these days!”
David Harris, Managing Director, Patron Power. 

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