Injection moulded parts delivered in just 11 days

Invensys Controls is a leading global provider of components, systems, and services used in the appliance, heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, and residential thermostat products. 

Recently one of its clients was in the process of developing a new product where an Invensys thermostat was to be used. However, as the thermostat size was different to the part in the control casing, Invensys Controls was asked to change the size by supplying a housing to fit onto the thermostat. The housing fit had to be produced in true production material as the company was about to perform an on site, real live test of the parts.

"We were  extremely pleased with the quality of the plastic parts and with the quick lead time. By using FORMERO's 'Parts Only' service we were able to accommodate to our customer's very tight product development schedule. FORMERO's service was as usual very professional" Johnny KUO, Design engineer, Invensys Controls  



50 injection moulded parts were delivered  just 11 days after the order was placed