The developement of the new Orbit Block series

Ronstan, a leading manufacturer of sailing hardware has recently revolutionized the sailing world by replacing virtually all metal components in their ball bearing Orbit Blocks™ with hi-tech polymers and fiber materials that are up to 10 times stronger than steel yet more compact and lighter. 

Prototyping in true production materials

An important stage in the design was the production of prototypes in true production materials to test the durability and functionality of the new materials.As a result of working closely with Ronstan's engineers and designers during the product development stages, Formero had an excellent understanding of their design for manufacture (DFM) needs and was able to offer a quality Rapid Tooling & Production Tooling services for their Orbit Block product range that was both cost effective and precise.  



Production Tool Design

Ronstan's Orbit Blocksboast the highest strength to-weight ratio available, due to their precision design and reinforced polymer materials.  Formero's experience and experitise in dealing with complex geometries, enabled Formero to identify early during the tool design process any moulding complications that Ronstan would encounter.  


The Results

Formero's flexibility and project management, between sites, allowed this project to run smoothly and efficiently.  Today we are pleased to report that the Orbit Blocks  range is proving highly popular in the market place for Ronstan, contributing to the company's continuing growth.