Why use Prototyping    

Accelerate your time to market

The use of Prototyping enables designers and engineers to obtain accurate, complex physical models quickly. You can use prototypes for a variety of applications. These include functional models, concept models, form & fit models, as well as for marketing presentations purposes.  Prototypes are used in many industries including medical, architecture, automotive, electronics, toys and consumer products.

Prototyping enables companies to:

  • Save money by discovering costly design errors before the product goes to manufacture.

  • Get to market faster by making design adjustments early in the development process without impacting time-to-market.

  • Design product to perfection by using focus groups and conducting field trial tests.

  • Pitch new products before they're manufactured by generating sale interest or adding impact to a proposal with a tangible, physical model.

  • Because of the strength and variety of our rapid prototyping materials, we can even build  end users parts utilising advanced rapid manufacturing technologies.