Design Validation    

A picture is better than a thousand words, a tangible Prototype is better than any 3D picture

Remember the days when you had to write everything with a pen? Making changes to your written work was such a hassle, but then came computers. Today, with a click of a mouse all you have to do is cut and paste and the content change is done.


3D computer programs offer you a way to enhance your design. But at the end of the day, just  like you’d rather print your work to proof read  it, so would you like  to be able to hold your design, test its looks and feel, and validate the fit and function of your design.  

In a way, Rapid Prototyping technologies are the digital printing of today’s manufacturing processes. Making design changes to your tool is costly and causes delay in getting your product made. Previously this trial and error would be at your cost. With Rapid Prototyping, you only manufacture the tool once the design is right for your market needs. The prototype or prototypes give you the chance to validate first. Moreover, with the advanced materials available today, sometimes the prototypes we make for you are the end products, so even investing in a tool becomes redundant.


Rapid Prototyping is called Rapid because the short turnaround time from the time we receive the CAD files to the time you get your tangible model.   Your time to market is accelerated by following the right design process as the prototype we supply you enables you to make design adjustments early in the development process without impacting your time-to-market.


Going one step further with the printer analogy, at Formero we believe that in order to achieve all the benefits Rapid Prototypes brings to the table, the quality and accuracy of the prototypes is crucial. That's why we don't use the equivalents of dot matrix printers, but rather only use the leading Rapid Prototype technologies in the market:  Objet 3D Printing , SLA (Stereolithography) and SLS (Selective Laser Sintering).  These technologies produce models more representative of the attributes of your end-product, to ensure you’re getting the right quality the first time.


If a company is after a prototype produced in true production material, they can utilise any of our short run services: Silicone Tooling (Vacuum Casting), Rapid CNC , 'Parts Only'  Injection Moulding service. 

  • Heart Sine Concept Sketch
  • Heart Sine CAD Renderings
  • Heart Sine SLA Prototype