Functional presentation model

paper_cutterEver needed to make a long straight cut? Use scissors and the cut is not straight, a Stanley knife is dangerous and gets blunt. To answer this need Bill Rayner, a Consulting Design Engineer with many patented inventions to his name came up with the "Paper Cutter" - a pocket size replacement for scissors where safety and accurate straight cuts are important. It can be used on any table or desk without a protective mat and has self-sharpening rotary shearing action. The version shown will cut multiple sheets of cardboard up to 0.5mm thick over any length at up to 1 meter/second.

The new product was developed with SolidWorks and looked promising on the screen, but Bill needed a physical working presentation model that will be both functional and accurate. He approached Formero and within 3 days of sending the CAD file he received an engineered finished SLA prototype. All that was left for him to do is paint the model.

"I designed it on the screen and when I got the prototype it looked exactly the same. The parts just snapped together and held all the internal parts exactly where they should have been" says Bill, "Additionally, as the SLA technology allows for fine details, I embedded the ruler values into the CAD file and the values were printed on the prototype, this made the need for laser engraving redundant. I could not have hoped for a better prototype" he sums up.


Bill and his new invention were featured on  the ABC1 'New Inventors'  0n 22 April 2009.