Aesthetic & functional medical device models

Silicone Tooling and Vacuum Casting utilised to produce a quality presentation model

Lymphease is a patented medical device for the self administered treatment of Lymphoedema by using Cycloid Vibration to stimulate lymphatic drainage.  Lymphease was developed for CT Healthcare Pty Ltd with the help of Proen Design and Professor Neil Piller at Flinders University over three years.

Proen approached Formero during the product development stages to produce prototypes that would look, feel and perform like the real thing.  Utilising  Silicone tooling and Vacuum casting Formero was able to produce prototypes that allowed Proen to: ,

  • Physically validate the CAD data
  • Perform "hands on" design verification of the form, fit and function of the parts
  • Evaluate the colour aesthetics of the product 
  • Undertake overseas marketing to communicate the product design and generate sales interest

Lymphease's stylish and clever design incorporates a rubber over-moulded handle, fine detailed graphics, functional button and clear lens.  Vacuum casting provided the best method of economically creating aesthetic and functional models, utilising a range of polyurethane materials that have been specially formulated to simulate production grade plastics and provide Proen with a prototype that would impress.