Beijing's "Water cube"- from a Rapid Prototype to the world's largest membrane structure

7 Years ago Formero's team  (Then ARRK Australia) utilised advanced rapid prototyping technologies to create a 3D model of Beijing 's National Aquatics Centre known today as the "Water Cube".

Designed with the structure of soap bubbles, the eye-catching venue is the world's largest membrane super structure, and is considered one of the most cutting-edge buildings in China.

In early 2003 the Municipality of Beijing announced a limited design competition for the 2008 Olympic Aquatics Centre.

"Having conceived the unique structure for the Water Cube, we knew that we needed to make a physical model in order to properly convey the idea to the Jury of International experts. With 22,000 elements and 12,000 joints, there was no way that we could make one manually, so we turned to the rapid prototyping skills of Formero. Despite the fact that nothing of this magnitude had been made using an SLA machine before, the team at Formero were determined to make it work and were exceptionally helpful. The result was spectacular! In July 2003, our team was announced the winner of the competition and was awarded the design commission." Tristram Carfrae, Arup Fellow

Formero is proud to have taken a small part in the creation of the spectacular Aquatic Centre.