Latest in F1 Helmet Design

During the 2007 Formula 1 race in Melbourne, the DIA (Design Institute of Australia) in partnership with the Australian Grand Prix Corporation, organized an event to showcase Australia 's local talent based on the theme of ""design in sport"".

The F1 Helmet was selected as the object of design, since it is the only protection for the driver's head and plays an important role in the car's aerodynamics.

CobaltNiche took part in the event to develop a completely new F1 helmet design concept, known as the ""Stealth"".

The Stealth is based on a unique ""rear-entry"" method of mounting the helmet from behind, allowing for a precise contoured fit around the head and neck when compared to traditional helmets that fit over the head.

To demonstrate the unique form and function of the helmet design, Formero provided Rapid Prototype (RP) models using a combination of Stereolithography (SLA) and Objet 3D Printing technology.

SLA technology was selected to build the helmet visor, due to the durability and clarity of Formero's  Dura Max Clear SLA resin. Objet 3D Printing technology was utilised to build the remaining helmet components, due to its fine reproduction of detail, smooth finish and ultimate build speed. This enabled Formero to complete the models in half the time it would take using SLA technology.

Within a few days the F1 helmet was finished, assembled and ready for painting. The end result was a quality presentation model that visually provided a true representation of the end product.


  Rapid Prototype model with no finishing                                                         Rapid Prototype model painted + polished


In total, 12 helmets were displayed at the Grand Prix exhibition, which was a timely event, since the FIA has currently commissioned work for the development of a next generation F1 'super helmet', intended to further improve safety standards.