Speed delivery of pre-production parts

Formero's AM service delivers high number of pre-production parts ahead of standard tooling lead times

SMR Automotive Australia (formerly Visiocorp), a market leader in exterior rear view mirror systems, utilised  Additive Manufacturing (AM)  also refered to as Direct Digital Manufacturing (DM) to expedite the manufacture of 350 units of pre-production components.  According to the company, the quick turn around and ability to instantaneously review the AM components as part of the final assembly eliminated potential tooling issues with the final part design.  In addition, by exploiting the AM process, SMR was able to give the customer a relatively high number of pre-production parts ahead of standard tooling lead times.  


Paul Mickan, Program Manager at SMR describes how working with Formero streamlined SMR's ability to accommodate to their customer's needs.  "We originally ordered 40 units, as per the customer request. A few days later the customer had required a further 310 units. By then Formero had already supplied the first batch of prototypes.   The speed and flexibility manifested by the Formero team allowed us to quickly react to our customer's needs and supply them with quality prototypes in a very short time frame".


Formero's AM/DDM service is operated from its Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) facility in Adelaide, South Australia. According to James Sanders; Formero's Rapid Prototyping Manager, Formero constantly reviews its Rapid Prototyping capacity in order to address the growing needs for Prototypes and Direct Manufactured Parts in Australia and New Zealand. "A highly skilled workforce, combined with up to date technology allows us to meet the demand for high quality products along with very tight production deadlines" he adds.