Zodiac's road to success

Versatile prototyping tooling & production services

At a time when many companies are struggling to keep their heads above water, we are proud to share with you an optimistic success story. In this story, Zodiac leverages from Formero's versatile services and manages to launch a revolutionary water treatment product, way ahead its competitors.  First introduced to the market this summer, the TRI - an innovative chlorine generator, is on the road to success as demand from markets around the world exceeds Zodiac's most optimistic forecasts.

The product development of the TRI is a classic case in which Formero's varied services were deployed to accelerate the product to market.

Starting at the prototyping stage, quality CNC presentation models were utilized for design confirmation.  SLA and SLS models were used to test functionality and water pressure.  Once the design was approved, the project was shifted to the Tooling and Production team who had to overcome complex design challenges throughout the manufacturing process. 

Formero's engineers were faced with numerous tool design challenges when transforming the innovative design of the TRI into a manufacturable product. Drawing from a vast network of technical expertise, Formero's engineers were able to resolve these production challenges and supply Zodiac with a first class product. 

Accommodating to Zodiac's immediate part requirements, a small production run was completed in Taiwan, on a very short notice. It took Formero only 2 days to produce the parts!  Shortly afterwards the 14 production tools were shipped to a local moulding facility in Australia where Formero's project managers oversaw the successful implementation of the tools and ensured that parts are manufactured according to Zodiac's high quality requirements.  Formero's involvement with this project is an on going process, as it assures product supply meets the growing demand for the product that ushers in a new era of pool maintenance.

"The project required a very tight tooling schedule to meet our product release date .Formero's project management and commitment to our schedule ensured the product was released on time"  Ray Hin, Engineering Manager, Zodiac Group Australia

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