Low Volume production of a medical device utilising Vacuum Casting

Low Volume production of a medical device utilising Vacuum Casting m2m1_400

m2mImaging is a global company offering a wide range of clinical, preclinical MRI products. The company has recently commissioned Formero to produce 15 units of a new subject holding system. The system provides a platform to interchange various products used in MR imaging.

The new subject holding system is a unique product that does not require mass production. Using Formero 's silicone tooling and vacuum casting technologies was ideal for company's purposes as it provided a quick turn around and cost effective solution.

The use of vacuum casting enabled the design team to work beyond the usual constraints of conventional injection molding and machining guidelines. Additionally, by using a cast Poly-urethane they were able to add vibrant colours to parts that traditionally would have been machined from a white plastic.

 The final assembly is a combination of vacuum cast parts, machined parts and off the shelf components as well as sophisticated electronic circuitry. The Vacuum cast PU parts integrated seamlessly into the assembly.

 "We found that by discussing our requirements and objectives with the team from Formero, we were able to select the right materials and methods to produce parts that we are very satisfied with" Simon Teed, Team Leader, Mechanical R&D