500 production units supplied in just 5 days

Minelab Electronics manufacturer of advanced metal detectors was looking to extend the capabilities of the F3 Mine Detector to better meet its customer specific applications.  In order to achieve this they needed to produce 500 pins.  Rather than having to wait weeks or even months to receive the parts, Formero had offered Minelab to benefit from the Additive Manufacturing (AM) process.  


AM is a rapid manufacturing process that utilises rapid prototyping technologies to manufacture components directly from computer generated (CAD) data.   As this manufacturing process does not requires tooling it cuts production time to days, and allows for great design flexibility.  AM is an ideal solution for custom made, limited design or short run production.

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) is the fastest growing AM method of all layered manufacturing systems and is now readily known as the method of choice when sourcing low volume digitally manufactured parts.  In the case of Minelab Electronics, it took approximately 38 hours to build the 500 units at Formero's Adelaide SLS plant. The parts were ordered 28th may and delivered 1st June. 



"We were extremely pleased with the quality of the parts and from the rapid delivery. The biggest benefit for us was meeting our customer's delivery schedule"  Cosmo Luppino, Mechanical Engineering Manager Minelab Electronics

The 500 pins were manufactured from Polyamide (Nylon 11) using the SLS process. A computer controlled laser beam selectively melts one cross-section at a time, layer by layer until all parts are complete. When finished, un-sintered powder is easily removed from in and around all components and they are ready for dispatch. Should it be required, further surface finish enhancements can be achieved through post processing.