Company Profile

Accelerating Products to Market    

Formero (previously ARRK ANZ) accelerates your products to market by offering services that streamline each stage of the product development process from prototyping through to tooling and manufacture. 

Our cutting edge rapid prototyping facilities allow us to supply high quality prototypes, simulating the production intent of the final components.  We further fast track the product path-to-market by providing a manufacturing risk assessment and utilise Design for Manufacture principles to achieve the most efficient production costs.

With a project management team operating in our Melbourne headquarters and in Shenzhen, Formero offers tooling and manufacturing services tailored to your development requirements.

Over many years, we have built strong relationships with manufacturing partners' worldwide, matching customer requirements with our supplier capabilities to deliver on-time and within budget.  Our in-house engineering team provides constant quality management of all our suppliers and stays at the forefront of emerging technologies.  Our services are all aimed at improving your company's bottom line.