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Parts Only Injection Mouding

Rocka Devices Wins an Australian Design Award!

  Formero Parts Only                

Craig Burke, Managing Director of Rocka Devices recently won an Australian Design Award, in the Housing and Building category for his Klinch™ Tool Tether product.  The new safety product allows the user to carry and use multiple tools safely without the risk of being dropped from heights.

Craig, a qualified Product Engineer has a passion for innovative thinking in providing clever design solutions to improve the safety of workplaces and our ever day lives.  He set out to develop Klinch™ Tool Tethers and solve an ongoing problem, and after a lot of trial and error, has developed an indispensible product that will benefit a wide range of industries and people around Australia and the world.

The Klinch™ system works via a patented locking mechanism that allows the tool lanyard to be switched and locked onto multiple connection points. With new mechanisms and devices of this type prototyping is very important to get a feel for scale and function. Objet prototypes were made in the first instance to get an idea of scale for the mechanism, fitment with other metal components and the human interaction. After further refinements were made SLS prototypes with glass reinforcement were made to check function and relative strengths of components prior to tooling.

Rocka Devices has extensive experience in product development, project management and liaising with toolmakers, but they chose to use Formero as we provided both tooling and molding services and they could talk with our project managers located here in Australia. 

Formero services

  • Prototyping
  • Parts Only


“I have managed tooling production and many toolmakers in my career and found that Formero took many of the headaches out of the process. The tools were made and part delivered to specification in a timely fashion. With confidence that Formero could manage our tool making and initial production requirements it allowed us to focus on marketing our product and building our business”  advised
Craig Burke, Director, Rocka Devices P/L

 Klinch™ Tool Tethers are available through selected Industrial and Height Safety Retailers or online at

Rocka Devices also offers product design and development services on a consultancy basis, for enquiries please contact them at [email protected]

SLA the future is much more clearer!

  To meet the rigorous demands of product designers and development engineers, prototyping materials are the critical link to product design validation and product development process efficiency.  

Successful OEMs and product developers, such as Sistema a world leading packaging manufacturer, understand the value of time. Time-to-market can be dramatically reduced if prototype materials mirror production material specifications                  

Most often it is not practical to produce injection moulded tools to make one or two parts. Design iterations and engineering revisions can be achieved much more quickly and at a lesser cost in the prototyping stages. 

Formero has a proven commitment to continually researching and experimenting with new materials for all its rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing processes.  For SLA (stereolithography) rapid prototypes, Formero provides a clear material, called Dura Max Ultra Clear, which has excellent clear material properties when lacquered, making it ideal for lenses, bottles, screens or light pipe applications.

Peter Canfield, National Technical Sales Manager at Formero, advised....

"Due to its functional properties and high dimensional stability, Dura Max Ultra Clear has been widely used in the packaging, automotive, electronics, telecommunications and medical industries for prototyping clear device housings, lenses, bottles or fluid flow analysis models.   

The new Ultra Clear SLA material doesn’t contain a colour tint, like previous SLA materials and provides additional product development applications for clear glass-like products."

Formero also offer another SLA rapid prototyping material - Dura Max Next  appearance is opaque white and contains good temperature resistance.  Ideal for functional testing applications with snap-fit designs.


Dura Max Ultra Clear Finishes :

Premium Finish with lacquer:

When clear and extremely smooth surfaces are a requirement.  We hand polish the parts, and apply a clear lacquer, the result is a pristine, "show quality" clear gloss part.


Engineering Finish:

Exterior surfaces are finished to a smooth level.  Ideal finish required for critical fitment checks and design validation.


Concept Finish:

Our fastest and least expensive SLA offering. The idea behind it is to supply you with a faster, lower cost model with minimal finishing, when that's all you want or need. Finishing includes support removal and a light sandblast.  The reduced level of finishing means we can usually ship the model a day faster than our other finishes, usually within 3 days, and at an appropriately reduced cost to you.


Sistema Rapid Prototype models:

Dura Max Ultra Clear SLA rapid prototypes, used for design validation and communication.  Fomero's premium finish with lacquer has been used on the lid of Sistema's rapid prototype (pictured below).       



             Image:   Sistema Rapid Prototype

Here's a new way to think about plumbing!


Gator Snap Tee



Bruce Sherriff the CEO of Just Water Solutions Pty Ltd has worked in the plumbing industry for many years, and armed with intimate knowledge of this industry he decided to help plumbers save time and money by inventing a product that allowed them to spend less time digging and more time getting the job done.

As labor costs increase, trades people are always looking for ways to save time, this is where the Gator Snap Tee comes into play.  Bruce had the idea and knew first hand there was a need in the market, his next task was to find a company that was willing to help bring the product from a dream to reality.

The Gator Snap Tee is a 90mm diameter T junction joiner used for domestic and commercial plumbing applications where a junction needs to be added to an existing or new storm water pipe.  The main benefit is that an existing or new pipe does not need to be cut.      

The plumber simply exposes and cleans the pipe where the tee needs to go, applies a PVC adhesive solvent to the desired junction area and inside the C section of the SnapTee.  The SnapTee is then snapped over the pipe while the adhesive cures for around 5 minutes.  The plumber then uses a suitable 86mm hole-saw to cut through the existing pipe to open up the connection to SnapTee junction.

Bruce approached Formero knowing he needed a company with plenty of experience in all the stages of product development.  Support for the Snap Tee was provided from the original idea, to design, development, prototyping and production. 

On completion of the design, Formero assisted in the submission of an Innovation Patent, this patent protection then allowed Just Water Solutions to move with confidence to promoting and sharing the news of an innovative plumbing product to potential customers and partners.

Formero manufactured an injection mould tool through its Project Management office in Shenzhen, China, the first batch of 1,000 units were then shipped with the tool from China to Melbourne for ongoing mass production.  Formero continues to support Just Water Solutions now with an Australian Made product that is on the shelves of respected plumbing product retailers.

Formero Services:

  • Consulting - design and patent
  • Prototyping
  • Tooling
  • Australian Manufacturing


I finally found the right company to help bring my idea to a reality.  Formero’s experienced team worked with me every step of the way, from prototyping to developing an injection mould tool in China for ongoing mass production in Australia.   ....Bruce Sherriff, CEO, Just Water Solutions P/L

The Gator Snap Tee is available at Reg Edwards’s Wholesale Plumbing Supplies (Victorian Distributor), Reece, Plumbers Supplies Co-op, McCanns, Water Pros, Burdens Plumbing Supplies, Dahlsens Building Supplies and most good hardware stores. 

Gator Snap Tee is also available online at Just Water Solutions.


 Watch how the Gator Snap Tee works!





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