Factory of the future 2010


Factory of the Future Road Show, 21-28 June 2010           VIC, NSW, SA & QLD

Australian manufacturing industry is on the edge of a new industrial revolution with game changing additive manufacturing technologies reaching its shore.

Over 600 people from a variety of manufacturing and research organizations around Australia attended the ‘Factory of the Future’ Road show, first of its kind, held on the last week of June in Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane.   The various conferences and workshops were facilitated by Formero’s CEO Simon Marriott.

 The ‘Factory of the Future’ road show featured Terry Wohlers a world renowned expert on emerging manufacturing technologies as a key speaker.   Mr. Wohlers arrived down under all the way from Colorado USA. He spoke about  the current and future role of ‘additive manufacturing’ in the  production of products that are difficult, impossible, or too expensive to produce any other way.

Stephen  Ritt from MTT Technologies  in Germany  presented a new emerging additive manufacturing technology that enables the production of metal parts from 3D CAD-data in a layer building process without limits in design and in remarkable speed and accuracy.

Dr Mahnaz Jahedi from CSIRO  Cold Spray’s laboratory spoke about  a new direct manufacturing technology developed and patent by CSIRO utilising Cold Spray. 



Terry Wohlers speaking to a captive audience


Stephen  Ritt from MTT Technologies in Germany


Dr Mahnaz Jahedi from CSIRO


  Dowload Terry Wohlers Presentation on Additive Manufacture.

Press to read Wohlers blog where he describes his trip down under 


Download Stefan Ritt's Presentation on Selective Laser Melting (SLM) Technologies  


Contact CSIRO about Cold Spray technology:

CSIRO Materials Science and Engineering
Phone: 61 3 9545 2064 
Fax: 61 3 9544 1128 


 The Factory of the future road show was sponsored by Formero,  Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development , AMTIL and the Lynx Project, CSIRO Enterprise connect,  XYZ Innovation and the regional governments of Victoria, South Australia and Queensland.



This is a Lynx Project activity and has been funded by the Commonwealth Government through the Industry Co-operative Innovation Program (ICIP).  The Lynx Project identifies and promotes the early adoption of leading manufacturing technologies, management methodologies and process techniques (TMT's) to our advanced and precision manufacturers.