How to produce a winning product

EnterMo streamline their journey to market with Formero's prototyping & production services

EnterMo Limited is an Australian-based company with an exciting new product, the EnterMoCase. The EnterMoCase allows users to place a BlackBerry® 8300 Series smartphone, inside a ruggedized plastic case that has a signature capture touch screen, barcode scanner and a flashlight.

The new EnterMoCase was designed by Charlwood Design Pty Ltd.  Formero was commissioned to CNC machine the product parts in polycarbonate material in order to conduct strength tests of the various parts.

By prototyping with Formero the company had gained a host of benefits that amounted not only to speed but also to actual savings. For example, saving was achieved when Formero used the CNC parts as master models to prepare silicone tools, before painting and assembling the parts. Utilising Formero's Rapid Plastic process, these silicone tools were then used to produce a short run production of fully functional presentation models.  The models consisted of PU parts vacuum cast from the silicone tools (the parts included color matching and soft touch paint) and small CNC machined acrylic and polycarbonate components.

The presentation models were then used to produce marketing material, stimulate private investment interest and most importantly to release the product to the world at the Wireless Enterprise Symposium (WES) in Orlando Florida. Industry experts and BlackBerry users gather at this once a year event to see what is new and improved in the world of BlackBerry and it was at the event the product, the EnterMoCase, was awarded 1st prize in the hardware category.

Following the testing stage, Objet and SLA models were built implementing various minor design changes. By then, the product designers were working hand in hand with Formero engineers, who were designing the production tools.  Again the process was streamlined, as  resolving problems at the design stage is much more cost and time effective than correcting them at the tooling or production phase.

The last process in the chain of activities was the actual production of the product.  As a global provider, Formero had the flexibility of offering EnterMo a short production run. 

Currently, test and demo units are available as the company gathers orders for its first planned full production run with Formero during the winter of 2009. 


"Formero have been flexible in working with EnterMo, a startup company, to provide a competitively priced  service recognizing the future potential of our product" Richard Pike, CEO EnterMo

EnterMo is a great case study for companies looking to introduce a new product to the market. Often, such companies are looking to save funds at each stage of the process. However, although it might have been tempting to hand-off every individual step of the product development process, EnterMo actually was able to save funds and accelerate the process by minimizing its suppliers and working with a full-line product development company.