Developing an Innovative Medical Device

Nanosonics follows a winning formula to success by leveraging from Formero's tooling and production services

Successful product design and development requires the capacity to first take innovative technologies and translate these into a patentable, commercial product with key competitive advantages that meet the needs of end users. Just as important for success is the ability to manufacture a quality product, in a cost efficient manner and deliver it to market ahead of the competition.

Nanosonics followed this winning formula with the new Trophon EPR. The Trophon EPR is an automated solution for the disinfection of ultrasound transducers in medical practice. It sets a new standard for high-level disinfection with far superior cycle times, safety, convenience and materials compatibility.

The Company owns a number of disinfection, sterilisation and sensor technologies, many of which have been integrated into the Trophon EPR to deliver a world-first solution to ultrasound transducer disinfection.

When first approaching Formero, Nanosonics was looking to work with a global company that was able to handle the production of multiple parts simultaneously, with manufacturing facilities to support the production of die casting, injection and compression moulding. The objective was to ensure the Trophon EPR was economical to manufacture without compromising on quality.

Formero’s project team reviewed the product design and implemented a Design for Manufacture (DFM) process. In addition Formero's expertise in tool design and fabrication assisted Nanosonics refine the manufacturability of its product.

The Design for Manufacture process supports lean designs by reducing product complexity and part count, explains Travis Hardy, Formero's Tooling & Production Business Manager. For example, in the Nanosonics case the original design called for a requirement of 40 different production tools. Applying the DFM process Formero was able to reduce the number of tools to just 33 without jeopardising quality or functionality. Hence, potentially, by leveraging from Formero's manufacturing experience, Nanosonics saved up to 30% of the total tooling cost, as well as future savings in manufacturing and assembly.



Leveraging from Formero’s manufacturing experience, Nanosonics saved up to 30% of the total tooling cost, as well as future savings in manufacturing and assembly.

"Having a dedicated experienced Australian engineering team on the ground in Asia has been a huge advantage for us during product development, tool design and manufacturing stages. Formero has done a great job delivering what we asked for within our timeframe and budget."  Arjang Safa, General Manager – Product Development & Manufacturing, Nanosonics