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3d printing - rapid prototyping

Objet's PolyJet technology works by jetting state of the art photopolymer materials in ultra-thin layers of 16µm or 30µm onto a build tray layer by layer until the part is complete.

The recently released Objet Connex500 using the new PolyJet Matrix now gives users the ability to print digitally mixed models along with digitally combined models. This enables models to be produced with a wide range of physical properties along with over-molding and live hinge characteristics.

Watch how the Objet 3D System works:


  • Fast lead time (next day service available)
  • Very high accuracy
  • Variety of materials available (including medical approved materials)
  • Smooth and durable surfaces (no finish is needed)
  • Ability to produce parts with more than one material, emulating over-molding and live hinges



Description & Applications


Objet FullCure720 

A translucent rigid material, which has a slight yellow tint and transparent qualities when lacquered.

Ideal for design validation and fitment checks. Can be also used for limited functional analysis or as a pattern for secondary tooling.
A medically approved material.

Rigid material
Shore D83




This material was designed to simulate thermoplastics and also offer enhanced mechanical properties and the enhanced ability to withstand bending.  VeroWhite has the ability to produce models that closely resemble the “look” of the target products.


Rigid material
Shore D83




An opaque light blue in colour, ideally suited for models containing clipping details.

Suitable for design validation and fitment checks. Can also be used for limited functional analysis or as a pattern for secondary tooling. 

Rigid material
Shore D83

Tango Plus

A semi-translucent elastomeric type material, which offers excellent elongation at break of 218% and improved toughness and durability, as well as high resistance to tear and deterioration.

Addresses a broad range of applications requiring rubber-like flexibility and durability, such as gaskets and seals, hoses, keypads, footwear and more.  It is recommend for designs that have a wall thickness or detail in excess of 1mm.

Flexible material

Shore A27

(and variants)



A flexible rubber like material particularly ideal for many consumer and electronics applications, including shoes, toys, general industrial applications, hoses, seals, gaskets, keypads and much more.

Available in a wide variety of physical properties digitally produced by mixing a rigid material (VeroBlue) along with standard TangoBlack (Shore A61)

Flexible material

Shore A61

Shore A80
Shore A85
Shore A95

Digitally combined and mixed parts




Digital Materials are made up of two FullCure 3D modelling materials. The two materials are combined in specific concentrations and structures to provide desired mechanical properties and to resemble the product’s target production materials. This enables more realistic early-stage testing of the product.

The rubber like materials of this pack are offered in either black or white and are able to simulate products made of elastomers/rubber.

The rigid materials of this pack contain improved mechanical and tear resistance properties.


Rubber like material

Shore A27, A40, A50, A60, A70, A85, A95


Rigid material


For the latest information about Objet 3D Printing visit XYZ Innovation who specialises in the distribution of Rapid Prototyping Equipment in Australia & New Zealand.


Objet Materials Datasheet


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