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Rapid CNC

Metal CNC Machining Company Services

When low volume mechanical prototypes (1-20 off application) for structural testing, or high visual mock-up models in clear acrylics, wood, etc... are required, Formero utilises CNC machines to cut models from a wide range of plastic and metal materials.



  • True production materials in plastic and metal
  • High precision machined parts





Widely used for functional applications. Surfaces can be metalised, and vacuum metalised.


Recommend for clear visual components. Surfaces can be dyed, plated, painted and silk screen printed.


Polypropylene (PP):

Flexible material, ideally suited to impact tests.

Polcarbonate (PC):

Has excellent strength, flexibility and transparency. Often used for lens applications.

Nylon 6 and Nylon 66:

Has good tensile strength and flexibility.

PU Foam:

Ideal for draft models.

Chemical Wood:

Ideal for concept models.



Below are examples of models showing the various finishing options available:

1.  No Painting

Precision CNC machining, containing smooth surfaces. 

The model pictured on the left side is a block model used to communicate the overall appearance of the design.  However, in most cases our customers request parts to be machined individually to allow electonics to be inserted and tested.


2.  CNC model with paint

The model pictured on the left shows an LCD lens that has been machined in acrylic, polished and then glued into place.   

The paint has been matched to a PMS colour, with gloss, matt and satin finishes available. 

The model shown in the picture is also a block model, with none of the buttons being functional.


3.  Model painted and finished

In addition to painting, the example pictured has been vacuum metalised to create a realistic look. 

The buttons have been pad printed and machined separetly, so they are functional.  Formero will use a combination of CNC machining and Rapid Plastic technology to match the customers material and colour requirements, such as silicone rubber key-pads or colour tinted lenses.

This finished option is ideal for presentations, photo shoots and exhibitions.


4.  A working, realistic model 

This level of finishing includes painting, metalising, pad-printing/laser etching, functional buttons and material match.

In addition, a weight has been applied to this prototype phone model to give it a realistic feel and includes a battery that illuminates the screen to show the clients graphics.  With this finish option, Formero will supply a battery charger.




Lisa Vincitorio, Interior Designer:

"I am pleased with the polished finish of the stool, as well as the speed and efficiency at with the project was complet...

  • a small stool made of polished aluminium