Low Volume    

Short Run/Low Volume Production Services

When companies require a small batch of parts to facilitate the product development process, they will often make use of short run/low volume manufacturing services.  They would select this kind of service when:


  • The product needs to be produced in true production materials for clinical trials, FDA approvals etc.
  • Accelerate first-to-market philosophy by getting an initial run into the market while high volume tooling is being manufactured.
  • The product targets a niche market and does not require high volume production


Formero offers versatile short run solutions to produce high-quality components in low volumes. We offer significantly reduced lead times compared to standard production tool lead time. 

To enhance our customers' product development cycle we offer the following short run solutions:

  • Silicone Tooling/ Vacuum Casting
  • 'Parts Only' - Rapid Prototype Injection Moulding
  • Prototype Tools (short run tool)
  • Additive Manufacturing-AM (also known as Direct Digital Manufacturing-DDM).



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