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Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing (AM),also referred by some as Direct Digital Manufacture (DDM), utilises rapid prototyping technologies to manufacture components directly from computer generated (CAD) data.  The impact of AM  is far-reaching, the opportunities and advantages are extensive. Not only does it dramatically accelerate products time to market, it offers the potential to significantly reduce parts production costs, as well as enhancing the ability to fabricate more complex and more functional component parts.

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Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) and Selective Laser Melting (SLM) are the fastest growing AM methods of all layered manufacturing systems and is now readily known as the methods of choice when sourcing low volume digitally manufactured parts. One of the most unique features of the SLS/SLM processes is that no support structures are required during manufacture. This enables production of very complicated components which would otherwise prove very difficult, if not impossible to manufacture by any other traditional manufacturing method.


  • Enables the manufacturing of  complex designs.
  • No tooling required, thus providing a great amount of design freedom.
  • Speed - Parts made in days.



  • Low Volume -  Ideal for custom made, limited design or short run production.
  • Size - Suitable for small to meduim size parts.



While the surface finish of Rapid Prototyping technology has improved, don't expect to see the same quality surface finish that you obtain from a polished injection mould.


  Industries embracing AM/DDM:

  • Aircraft & military: The production of ducting, vents & latches has been considered highly successful within this industry due to low part-count, cycle-time reduction and ease of design modifications.
  • Consumer & industrial products: Companies are gaining valuable market-share using DDM for limited edition product "add-ons" or customisation.
  • Interior Design & Art: When art and technology are merged an unlimited freedom of design is created, ranging from custom made lampshades, jewerly and sculptures for museum collections.
  • Assembly lines:Manufacturers are leveraging the use of DDM on their factory floor to produce jigs, fixtures, drill guides and assembly aids. The speed of delivery means down-times can be avoided.
  • Medical: The introduction of DDM means custom fit hearing, dental and surgical implants. These parts are built with higher accuracy and fine feature capabilities, offering a high acceptance rate from end users.


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Replicas for Gala Dinner produced in record time

500 production units supplied in just 5 days

Speed delivery of pre-production parts


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  • Dental crowns produced on the SLM system