Quality Manufacturing with Formero

Formero's manufacturing services ranges from the production of plastic and metal components to managing the manufacturing process of turnkey products ready to be displayed on store shelves. We service startup companies and multinational corporations alike with the same professional manner and attention to details. We work with a diverse customer base from technology start ups to multinational corporations.


Working with Formero you benefit from our cumulative expertise in solving problems for a variety of clients with similar manufacturing challenges. Dealing with tight deadlines, managing complicated tooling projects and coordinating numerous manufacturing processes, are what Formero does best.  And we do it with a team of Australian project managers operating both in our Melbourne headquarter as well as in our Shenzhen China office.  Over many years, we have built up strong relationships with manufacturing partners worldwide.  Working with Formero you get the benefits of offshore manufacturing without the hassle and cost of managing it yourself.  

Formero's manufacturing processes and services: 


  • Project managers on the ground both locally and offshore, taking your product through all stages of manufacturing.
  • By implementing a DFM (Design For Manufacture) process early on, we often dramatically reduce our customers' cost of production by refining the design and minimising the number of production tools.
  • Access to global, multi-source capabilities and emerging technologies. 
  • We constantly audit all our suppliers for quality and prices. Our long term relationships with suppliers enable us to offer very competitive prices without compromising the quality.
  • We have a strong reputation for delivering quality manufacturing services and we take responsibility for what we promise.


 For more information about "Looking to Reduce Your Total Cost of Production" download this informative brochure.




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