Product Design and Development

Many customers come to Formero with an idea, sometimes the concept is still in their head, other times it has been jotted on a piece of paper or in 2D word document.  It is a daunting step to find out how to take your idea and make it a realisation.  What do I do next?

The product design and development process can be very challenging.   Formero has assisted companies both large and small in bringing their ideas to market.  With prototyping and manufacturing facilities based in Australia and China we aid customers through the product design and development stages and work closely with customers to understand their product requirements and budget. 

Formero’s has been at the forefront of applying the latest materials and technologies to provide cost effective and efficient product design and development processes.  Formero’s full-line of services (one-stop-shop) include Rapid Prototyping, CNC, Vacuum Casting, Silicone Tooling, Additive Manufacture using SLS and SLM Technologies, Design for Manufacture, Tooling and Manufacturing.

Design, function and budget often determine the type of prototyping and manufacturing technologies that will be utilised to provide the best results during the product development and manufacturing stages.   Formero works closely with customers to understand your concept and assist in getting you on the right track.

Product Design

Product Design is about generating an efficient and effective concept or invention that results in a new product. 

Every concept or invention at some point goes through a product design and development process.  Australians have always been innovative.  Iconic Australian inventions include mechanical shears (1909), heart pacemaker (1926), Hills Hoist (1942), Victa Lawnmower (1952), Solar Water Heater (1953), Black Box Flight Recorder (1958), Ultrasound scanners (1961), Wine Cask (1968), Electronic Ignition Systems (1976), Bionic Ear – Cochlear Implant (1979), Power Surge protector (1981), Reading Machine for the Blind (1990), Melanoma scanner (1998).

As new technology and materials develop, new possibilities for product design in both form and function are possible.

The product design process is crucial to the success of a product.  Selecting a wrong material could delay manufacturing, or designing a section of the product too thick or thin, too round or square could make it unproduceable.  In addition, the delay, or change to a design can become more costly the later it is realised and modified. 

With increasing global competition, ever changing consumer expectations, environmental pressures and increasing raw material costs; the need to develop a product on-time and within budget is critical.  Product design is a key factor for any product going to manufacture and the more diligent the product design, the better the product will be.

Formero has been operating for 18 years in the area of product development, prototyping and manufacturing.   We assist throughout the product design process and use materials and technologies that are fast, innovative and functional to improve your company’s bottom line.

Product Development

Product Development is the term used to describe the process of taking the product concept (idea) into the design and engineering stage, and then performing field trials, market research and analysis before manufacturing and commercialising the product.

Formero offers a full range of prototyping, design for manufacture, tooling, low volume and high volume production services.  Our leading product development prototyping technologies and manufacturing services deliver the right balance of quality, speed, performance and cost.    

During the product development process it is typical for new problems to emerge every day.  The use of technologies such as Rapid Prototyping, are an effective way to resolve them before they magnify.  The more errors that can be detected early, means costly tooling and manufacturing expenses are eradicated.  Utilising the latest product development technologies will help to reduce cost fluctuations, which is a typical problem when using traditional manufacturing processes.

Examples of how prototypes are used in the product development process include:

  • Checking assemblies fit together,
  • Function and engineering tests (underwater applications, heat stress, performance tests)
  • Checking the weight and feel of the product before commencing manufacture
  • Market research (does the consumer like the product)
  • Air-flow and wind tunnel tests
  • Communication model between engineers , contractors, and packaging companies

Customers partner with Formero based on our expertise, knowledge and in-house capabilities.  We create functional models that are essential throughout the product development process.