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Medical Models

Date: 02 Dec 2008

Prototyping and manufacturing of medical devices

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Date: 04 Oct 2010

Rapid Prototypes, CNC Models, Tooling and Production Images

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Silicone Tooling

Date: 04 Oct 2010

Silicone Tooling and Vacuum Casting Process to create functional prototype plastic models.

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Date: 04 Oct 2010

Metal and Plastic tapware

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Date: 04 Oct 2010

Concept and Presentation Architecture models.

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Objet 3D Printing

Date: 09 Oct 2010

3D Printing Prototypes made from Polyjet Technology.

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Date: 09 Oct 2010

Rapid Prototype and Manufactured models of Electronic enclosures.

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Date: 09 Oct 2010

Components Manufactued or Prototyped.

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Artist Models

Date: 19 Jan 2011

Contemporary artist using Rapid Prototyping technology to display new concepts.

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