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Formero Client, Minesite Radio ICCL

Initially we chose Formero based on price and delivery of difficult tooling - numerous parts with overmoulds and very tight drafts -against a tight delivery schedule to market. Some 15 separate items were delivered in the promised time frame and were pretty much exact the first time around - their first off tooling is always impressive.  Compared to previous tool-makers used - Formero provided near perfect 1st time trial product in around 1/3 of the time.

General Manager, Product Development & Manufacturing, Nanosonics

Having a dedicated experienced Australian engineering team on the ground in Asia has been a huge advantage for us during product development, tool design and manufacturing stages.  Formero has done a great job delivering what we asked for within our timeframe and budget.

Engineering Manager, Zodiac Group Australia

The project required a very tight tooling schedule to meet our product release date.  Formero’s project management and commitment to our schedule ensured the product was released on time.

Cosmo Luppino, Mechanical Engineering Manager Minelab Electronics:

"We were extremely pleased with the quality of the parts and from the rapid delivery. The biggest benefit for us was meeting our customer's delivery schedule" 

Lisa Vincitorio, Interior Designer:

"I am pleased with the polished finish of the stool, as well as the speed and efficiency at with the project was completed. The Formero team were highly attentive to my production needs and incredibly helpful through the entire process."



Joerg Huttenlocher, Project Leader, Robert Bosch Australia:

"Normally we would have to commission a press tool maker ...Formero simplified the process"

Cullin Innovation:

"When the mechanism arrived I was blown away by the quality of the finish including the imbedded text and the accuracy of all ten components. The mechanism assembled correctly the first time and was tested to predict flow rates"

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Bill Rayner, a Consulting Design Engineer:

"The parts just snapped together and held all the internal parts exactly where they should have been"






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